Monday, June 2, 2008

Digital Learning Objectives

Video Lesson Plan #1
Created By:
Gloria D. Brogdon

My dissertation project is to create Interdisciplinary Digital Curriculum, using a full range of technologies to facilitate all class subjects, from audio production to virtual reality, and beyond. This type of constructivist learning is limitless.

The first project is the creation of a video autobiography.
Title: Who Am I? I start with this because each student is an expert on themselves and their family. There are several things this type of video production achieves.

Video In the Classroom

"Who Am I?"

Some of these are:
• Allows the student to talk to family members at length to gather stories about the family history. Their past, present and future;
• Students become familiar with historical facts and events based on the older generation’s life experience;
• Creates a bound between the parents and the child;
• Allows parents, grandparents and extended family members to become actively involved in the child’s’ education.
• The understanding of storytelling. Thus creating a sense of belonging and an understanding of the larger community each child lives in.

Subject: History/English/Social Studies

Who Am I? – Video Autobiography

To enable students to:
1. become acquainted with the process of video storytelling,
2. build interviewing skills,
3. understand their extended family makeup,
4. understand the importance of documenting their family history for future
5. Build writing skills - Scriptwriting
6. Team building skills

Resources & Materials:
iMovie Family Photos
Tripod Video Camera
This unit is intended to orientate students of the basic parts and operation of the camera, As well as create a video for future generations.

Teaching Activities:
Each Student will need to bring in 5 to 15 family photos.
Photos should inclued but not limited to:
• Their baby photos
• Family photos (parents as teenagers of children, siblkings, grandparents))
• Photos of family events (graduations of siblings, family gatherings,

1. Each student will create a 3 to 5 minute video.
2. Each student will learn the correct way to use the camera by hands on instruction.
3. Each Student will learn the vocabulary needed to understand the equipment being used.
4. Each student will learn the correct way to use the camera by hands on instruction.


Digital Video Camera

Practice & Closure:
The class will engage in group discussions and projects. The class will critique the projects and discuss ideas for improvement.

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