Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What is a mashup? - ZDNet


Lee Carleton said...

Good info on the sharpest part of the cutting edge but I think this guy could do with more verbal explanation and fewer dry-erase markers!

This video is also an example of McLuhan's claim that new media contain old media: the dry-erase board within the digital video.

Runningdeer said...

Gloria's Random Thoughts

That's a thought, the new media and the old media. It's amazing, the wisdom of McLuhan!!!! Also, that new media may not be new media after all. Just a re-invention of what came before. The question is, do we really truly create anything new, or are we just building on what was already there? The old saying, "there is nothing new under the sun", may be correct. Does that mean that our forefathers were the original inventors of the digital age and we are just tag-a-longs, building off the backs of others? Is there anything original left for use to create??? If so what?????



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