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Ridley Motocycle Creative Brief - ”Zero to Sixty, No Shift”

CREATIVE BRIEF FOR: Ridley Motorcycle Corporation – “Zero To Sixty, No Shift”

Project Summary

Position the Ridley Motorcycle Company as the builder of “Ultimate Female Bike”, by increasing brand awareness through advertising, and create nationwide availability.

Motorcycle riding and ownership has traditionally been male focused. In the past 5 years there has been an increasing number of women entering the sport of riding. Based on the size of the
average woman rider, often times the traditional motorcycle proves to be too large and an overwhelming. Seat height, style and color/design are three of the most
determining factors in the in a woman’s decision in purchasing a motorcycle. US motorcycle manufacturers include about 60 companies with combined annual revenue of about $6 billion. The industry is highly concentrated. Harley-Davidson dominates the US manufacturing sector. The remainder are foreign-based companies with final assembly operations in the US, parts and
accessories manufacturers, or custom builders who make built-to-order products for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Company Background - Ridley Motorcycle Corporation is the newcomer on the motorcycle scene. Established in 1995, as the only American made Classic Automatic Motorcycle. Located in
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the “crossroads” of America. This Father and Son business is carving a niche in motorcycle market.Many people ask, "What is a Ridley". The answer is simple. It's an
automatic motorcycle. Since 1995, Ridley Motorcycle Company has been building automatic transmission motorcycles. Not just another "custom builder", Ridley's focus has been and remains on building a motorcycle with the unique feature's that have made the company famously recognized by riders around the world.” - Clay Ridley-Owner

Ridley Philosophy: The company's philosophy is base on you. As a Ridley Owner you can be confident that Ridley is here for you. Not many companies desire to know their owners or customers better than Ridley does. Take a ride on a new '0eight Ridley motorcycle, talk to a Ridley Owner, or just call up the factory. You will quickly find out why Ridley Owners keep coming back for more.- Clay Ridley-Owner

The 2009 Auto-Glide Classic is new to the Ridley line. Personality is the vital spirit of this years' Auto-Glide Limited. The custom styling and unique features set the '09 Limited apart from the rest. It is the first ever Ridley to feature an electronic fuel gauge. Cutom black and black cherry paint, and tan leather seat make this a true collectors piece.

The Target Audience -First-time and Seasoned Female Bikers. The low design, color choices and the automatic transmission, makes the Ridley the perfect female motorcycle.

Audience Profile - Female Motorcycle Riders

• The industry is on the road to its 12th year of consecutive growth, says the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC).
• The proportion of motorcycles owned by women reached 9.6% in 2003, up from 6.4% in 1990.
• More than half of motorcycle owners are married.
• Median household income of motorcycle owners is higher than that of the U.S. population as a whole.
• More motorcyclists today have white-collar jobs.
• The median age of motorcycle riders is 42, up from 38 in 1998. Additionally, more riders today have college degrees--29% compared to 23% in 1998.
• Perception/Tone/Guidelines -The project is designed to encourage female motorcycle riders to research, test ride and purchase a Ridley Motorcycle.

Customer Comments – Target Audience

“The Ridley is an awesome bike! I bought an 0eight Auto-Glide Classic and have ridden almost 1500 miles on the beautiful back roads of Pennsylvania.- C. R., Boiling Springs, PA

“I have the Ridley Speedster and love it, but am ready to move up to the Ridley Auto-Glide Classic”. Rachel S. Lebanon, OH

“We were invited to visit. We couldn't get there until nearly an hour after closing time, but were told to come on in. We were met at the factory by Clay Ridley, who introduced us to a couple of his very friendly staff”. Don C. - Fletcher, OK

“I have a 2007 Ridley Auto-Glide with two-tone paint. It is my pride and joy. My husband rides a Harley and both our friends ride Harleys, and I keep up fine with them. When we stop for a rest
and snack, most of the time someone comments on my bike, not theirs. I love it.

What do we want them to think and feel?
• Motorcycle riding in no longer a man’s sport.
• Women enjoy owning and cruising on their own motorcycles.
• It’s ok to sometimes ride on the back of your man’s Harley, but riding your own Ridley beats a Hog any day.

• Innovative design
• Ultimate Freedom –no shifting

Visual Goals of the Project

Video of first time riders, and seasoned riders who own other brands, riding the Ridley, interviews about the riding experience. Print advertising of Women riding. Copy should convey messages of the freedom of owning and riding a Ridley. The tone of the message should be simple, short and to the point. Bikers are interested in the bottom line information. Not a lot of fluff.

Communication Strategy
The overall message : No shifting, Low styling, Custom design

The one thing a customer should instantly think when Ridley is mentioned: No Shifting This is important to the customer because it takes the worry and labor out of riding.
The touch points most frequently seen or heard by your customer are: •Personal connection with the company •Custom Built •No Shifting •The success of the project will be in measured by
the sales static’s.
Competitive Positioning
Ridley is different from my competition because we build custom bikes, and offer personalized service.

#1 - Harley Davidson Motorcycle
#2 - Honda Motorcycle
#3 - Suzuki Motorcycle
#-4 -Kawasaki Motorcycle
Other independent Motorcycle Builders

What sets Ridley apart from the competition: Each Bike is uniquely different. The customer can design his/her own Bike. Ridley offers direct contact to the owner and designers of the

The service that needs to grow, is nationwide distribution and advertising. Current customers perceive the Ridley brand to be Home Grown, personal and connected to their customers. This is
an important factor because the other motorcycle companies are like car dealerships, once you buy it, if anything happens to it you never talk to the owner of the dealership. In Ridley’s case,
more than likely you will talk directly to the owner if any thing occurs. Ridley has some negative perceptions in the marketplace, because it is new in the motorcycle arena. Most hardcore riders
are brand loyal. This could make it difficult to attract new customers. Although, the customers Ridley is attracting are the women, and first time novice riders.

Some hardcore riders believe an automatic motorcycle is not a “real” motorcycle.

Brand/Logo/Project Specifics

Targeted Message

Since the company has not been on the scene as long as its competitors, and the present Logo is established, at this time for brand identity the present logo should remain.

The message it should convey “Zero to Sixty, No Shift” The new brand identity should highlight the female rider. It should convey the comfort and ease of riding the bike.
The feel for the advertising, (Print & Video) should be minimalist. The goes along with the sleek minimalist design of the Ridley Motorcycle.

Bringing the Brand To Live

Watch Ridley Motorcycle  |  View More Free Videos Online at

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